Who We Are

Pharmacy Benefit Consultants was founded by Attorney Linda Cahn. Since its founding, PBC has worked with numerous entities, including private corporations, coalitions, unions, insurance companies and government entities to decrease their drug benefit costs and improve their drug benefit coverage.

The founder and CEO of Pharmacy Benefit Consultants is Linda Cahn, a lawyer with almost two decades of experience focused solely on the prescription coverage industry.

Linda’s experience uniquely positions her to advise drug benefit purchasers.  In 1997, Linda initiated the first class action litigation against pharmaceutical benefit management companies (PBMs). Her lawsuits alleged that the two largest PBMs at the time – Medco Health Solutions (Medco) and PCS Health Systems (PCS) – had breached their ERISA fiduciary duties to employee benefit plans across the country, increasing plans’ drug benefit costs.

During the following decade, Linda reviewed hundreds of confidential contracts between PBMs and their clients, scores of RFPs, and hundreds of thousands of confidential internal PBM documents revealing how PBMs create profit margins and thereby increase their clients’ costs.

As part of her efforts to decrease prescription coverage costs, Linda also worked to initiate congressional investigations of the PBM industry, conducted meetings with federal officials at the Government Accounting Office (GAO) and U.S. Labor Department, and worked with federal and state prosecutors investigating PBM practices. She has also testified before State Legislative hearings and worked with State Legislators to draft legislation to improve the PBM marketplace.

Believing that corporate America, labor unions, municipal entities and insurance companies all need greater access to core information about the PBM industry, Linda has also given numerous presentations on drug pricing issues across the country. Moreover, she has worked with reporters from the national and local media, leading to in-depth stories including in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Fortune magazine and NPR. And she has written numerous articles that have been published in nationally published magazines.

In late 2014, Linda also founded the National Prescription Coverage Coalition – enabling all corporations, unions and municipal entities that are providing prescription coverage to their employees the ability to immediately decrease their costs simply by joining the Coalition and taking advantage of the strongest PBM contract that exists in the nation.

Pharmacy Benefit Consultants’ raison d’etre is clear: We want to ensure that all our clients have access to better prescription coverage benefits, at far lower costs for all health plans and all their plan beneficiaries.