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Read News Stories Quoting Pharmacy Benefit Consultant’s President, Linda Cahn, and Learn How PBC Is Working To Reduce America’s Drug Costs.

Drug Benefit News:

“PBMs Tout Their ‘Transparency’, But Model Doesn’t Always Lower Clients’ Costs” Read Article

Employee Benefit Advisor Cover Story:

“In Plain View: Linda Cahn Makes The Case For PBM Fee Disclosure” Read Article In Plain View – Linda Cahn Makes the Case for Fee Disclosure

Drug Benefit News:

“PBM Auditing Increases As Rx Costs Rise, But Critics Allege PBMs Are Foiling Audits” Read Article

AIS’ Health Business Daily:

“PBMs Allegedly Manipulate Definition of ‘Brand’ and ‘Generic’ Rx At Payers’ Expense”

Drug Benefit News:

CVS Caremark’s 29-State Legal Settlement Curtails Drug Switching, Leaves Questions Read Article (see 7-8)

Health Plan Week:

Health Plans Urged To Use RFPs To Extract Better PBM Rx Pricing Read Article

Drug Benefit News:

“Plans Urged To Use New RFP Process” Read Article

Wall Street Journal:

“Medco Settlement Runs Into A Snag”

New York Times:

“Appeals Court Orders A Review of Medco Settlement Challenge” Read Article


“Medco Health’s ‘Aggravating Case’” Read Article

New York Times:

“Merck To Pay $42.5 Million To Settle Lawsuits Against Its Pharmacy Benefit Unit” Read Article

New York Times:

“U.S. Accuses Merck Unit Of Cheating Health Plan” Read Article

Newark Star Ledger:

“Merck Used Medco To Boost Sales”

Newark Star Ledger:

“Feds Enter 2 Suits In Medco Drug Deals”

St. Petersburg Times:

“Billions in Drugmaker Rebates Diverted” Read Article