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Pharmacy Benefit Consultants is working to change the prescription coverage industry.

Toward that end, our firm is generating and disseminating free videos and articles to educate all health plans about the problems plaguing the industry.

Download our videos and articles on the following subjects — in the privacy of your offices — and learn how your health plan can improve its prescription coverage – and decrease its costs – and then take action to join a growing number of health plans that are insisting that PBMs change the way they do business.

Topic One: “How to Conduct a PBM RFP”
Download: Video – Part I
Download: Video – Part II
Download: Article

Topic Two: “How to Draft and Negotiate an ‘Airtight’ PBM Contract”
Download: Video
Download: Article

Topic Three: “How to Define ‘Brand Drug’ and ‘Generic Drug’ In Your Contract”
Download: Article

Topic Four: “Specialty Drugs: So Special You Need To Control Their Costs”
Download: Article

Topic Five: How to Ensure Your Health Plan – Not Your PBM – Benefits From Generic Drug Use

Download: Article — “Don’t Get Caught By PBMs’ MAC Mousetraps”
Download: Article — “Don’t Pay Too Much For Generic Fills”
Download: Video

Topic Six: How To Ensure You Obtain the Rebates (and Other “Financial Benefits”) You Deserve

Download: Article — “Don’t Get Trapped By PBMs’ Rebate Labeling Games”

Topic Seven: How To Ensure You Obtain ALL Savings From New Generic Drugs

Download: Article — “Focus on the Patent Cliff To Maximize Generic Drug Savings”

Topic Eight: Additional Steps Your Plan Can Take To Decrease & Then Control Your Rx Coverage Costs 

Download: Article on Coupons: How To Combat Pharma’s Costly Coupon Programs

Download: Article on Savings — “Don’t Fall Asleep Monitoring Rx Coverage”

Download: Article on Programs: Say ‘Yes‘ to Programs To Control Drug Use”

Download: Article Summarizing Steps Plans Can Take To Decrease Costs:  “Prescription Coverage Savings: Easy to Find If You Just Look For Them” 

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