Dramatically Decrease Your Rx Coverage Costs

Our PBM RFPs – and ongoing services for clients – result in dramatic cost reductions for our clients.

When our clients put in place a new PBM contract – either through a RFP or by joining our Coalition – our clients typically reduce their costs by more than 10% as soon as they implement their new PBM contract.

When Plans retain our firm to provide ongoing and continuous services, savings are even greater. We provide dozens of initial recommendations to our new clients – and continuous recommendations thereafter – to enable our clients to control their prescription coverage costs. Depending on the number of recommendations our clients choose to implement, their costs decrease from about 15% to as much as 33% below their existing costs.

Our recommendations are based on an in-depth analysis of our clients’ claims data, as well as our firm’s continuous monitoring of marketplace changes. Unlike other consulting firms, our firm regularly analyzes:

  • The changes in the price of every drug
  • The patent expiration of brand drugs – and plummeting prices of therapeutically identical generic drugs – to determine when it financially makes sense to block the brand drugs
  • The FDA’s approval of every new-to-market drug to determine those that represent high-cost copycat drugs that need not be covered


So ask yourself: What’s the trend in your Plan’s prescription coverage costs in recent years? Have your Plan’s costs ever decreased? Or has your Plan instead experienced relentless and continuing cost increases?

Isn’t it time for your Plan to reverse its trend and retain a consulting firm that will decrease and control its costs?

Contact Pharmacy Benefit Consultants. We’ll help you do so. Call 973 975-0900.