Don’t Be Fooled By Eli Lilly’s & Express Scripts’ New Insulin Program

21 Dec, 2016 0.

If you've been preoccupied with Trump's latest cabinet appointments, you may have missed the news about a new program sponsored by Eli Lilly and Express Scripts. With great fanfare, the two

Don’t Be Duped By Manufacturers’ New “Single Digit Price Increase Pledges”

16 Dec, 2016 0.

Recently, Novo Nordisk's President became the second drug manufacturer to make a "Single Digit Price Increase Pledge." Replicating Allergan's vow three months ago, Novo's Jakob Riis promised that Novo would "create affordability" by limiting price

Pay Attention to Your Metformin HCL ER Diabetes Costs 

30 Oct, 2016 0.

If you examine your claims data, you'll likely discover that among your "Top 50 Most Expensive Drugs" is a line item for generic "metformin HCL ER". Metformin HCL is a longstanding, very inexpensive diabetes