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Expert warns: Ohio Medicaid Poised for Big Trouble

21 Oct, 2020 0.

By Marty Schladen, August 27, 2020

PBMs: Will the Amazon Cometh?

01 Dec, 2017 0.

By Robert Calandra. December 1, 2017.

Don’t Be Duped By Manufacturers’ New “Single Digit Price Increase Pledges”

16 Dec, 2016 0.

Recently, Novo Nordisk's President became the second drug manufacturer to make a "Single Digit Price Increase Pledge." Replicating Allergan's vow three months ago, Novo's Jakob Riis promised that Novo would "create affordability" by limiting price

Here’s How To Investigate – And Then Cure – Your Hep C Drug Cost Problem

24 Apr, 2015 0.

HR Execs: Do you think your PBM's shake-down of hepatitis C manufacturers really decreased your health plan's costs? If so, you should follow Ronald Reagan’s approach with the Russians: "Doveryai

HR Execs: Take Note Of Hepatitis C Realities

08 Jan, 2015 0.

During the final days of 2014 and first week of 2015, newspapers around the nation announced three new developments that purportedly changed the prescription coverage world: On December 19th, the