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Are You Taking Action To Protect Your Health Plan Against Extreme Drug Price Increases?  

22 Jun, 2016 0.

You've undoubtedly heard that Turing Pharmaceuticals purchased a low-cost drug, Daraprim, and raised its cost by 5433% last year. And Turing's smug CEO, Martin Shkreli, defended the price hike as

It’s Time To Stop Paying For Drugs That Were Never Even Approved By The FDA 

26 May, 2016 0.

Approximately 100 years ago, at the turn of the twentieth century, anyone could market any concoction claiming it solved any - or every - health problem. Dr. Bull advertised a

Just How Much Is Your Plan Spending On Abilify – and Other Drugs – That Have Recently Lost – Or Will Soon Lose – Their Patent Protection ?

27 Apr, 2016 0.

If your Plan is like most Plans in the country, you are spending a small fortune on Abilify, even though Abilify lost its patent protection in 2015 and a generic

Eliminate – Or At Least Decrease – Your Rx Coverage Costs For Proton Pump Inhibitors

17 Mar, 2016 0.

Virtually all health plans are spending a small fortune covering Proton Pump Inhibitors - drugs like Nexium, Prilosec and Prevacid, and their generic equivalents (esomeprazole, omeprazole and lansoprazole). Unfortunately, almost

Is Your Health Plan Controlling Its Testosterone Use?

24 Feb, 2016 0.

Spend a few minutes studying your health plan's claims data, and you'll very likely discover your plan is spending large sums of money on men's testosterone products. In fact, you'll

Are You Protecting Your Health Plan Against Astronomical Drug Price Increases?

27 Sep, 2015 0.

Drug prices were in the news this week because of a shocking 5000% increase in the cost of a single drug: Daraprim. But during the first 9 months of 2015,

The Frightening Implications of Farydak & Kalydeco

13 Jun, 2015 0.

In February 2015, the FDA approved Farydak, a new treatment for multiple myeloma. The drug’s wholesale price: $6,860 for a 21 day cycle. But note that unless a health plan

Here’s How To Investigate – And Then Cure – Your Hep C Drug Cost Problem

24 Apr, 2015 0.

HR Execs: Do you think your PBM's shake-down of hepatitis C manufacturers really decreased your health plan's costs? If so, you should follow Ronald Reagan’s approach with the Russians: "Doveryai

End Unnecessary Costs From Your PBM’s Refill Pill Mill

21 Mar, 2015 0.

  Ask any of your employees, and you’ll probably learn many are swimming in unused pills that need never have been dispensed. “Pills – pills – and more pills,” they’ll

HR Execs: Take Note Of Hepatitis C Realities

08 Jan, 2015 0.

During the final days of 2014 and first week of 2015, newspapers around the nation announced three new developments that purportedly changed the prescription coverage world: On December 19th, the

Make Sure Your Plan Continuously Monitors – and Responds to – Newly Approved Rx Drugs !

21 Oct, 2014 0.

Rx Alert - October 2014 The drug marketplace is constantly changing, and new prescription drugs are continually entering the marketplace. To protect your plan beneficiaries' health - and your Plan's

Beware of Claims Data Errors – They Have Serious Implications!

13 Aug, 2014 0.

It’s critically important that every health plan monitor its claims data to determine whether claims data errors are allowing your PBM to overcharge for drugs and misrepresent whether the PBM