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Federal PBM Probe Culminates Decades of M&A

14 Jun, 2022 0.

By Nona Tepper and Maya Goldman, June 14, 2022

Pharmacy Middlemen Sue To Stop Rebate Transparency

22 Aug, 2021 0.

By Marty Schladen, August 20, 2021

Recent MS Drug Developments Demonstrate Plans Should Obtain Customized Formularies ASAP

16 Feb, 2021 0.

How Long Is Your Plan Willing To Throw Away Thousands of Dollars Per Script For An MS Drug? ____________ Review your Plan’s most expensive therapeutic categories, and it’s virtually certain you’ll

Expert warns: Ohio Medicaid Poised for Big Trouble

21 Oct, 2020 0.

By Marty Schladen, August 27, 2020

Is Ohio’s Revamp On Drug Middlemen Working

08 Dec, 2019 0.

By Cathy Candisky and Darrel Rowland, December 8, 2019.

Ohio Medicaid Still Hemorrhaging Money, Expert Testifies

21 Nov, 2019 0.

By Cathy Candisky, November 21, 2019

State’s New Drug Setup Still Riddled With Loopholes

10 Feb, 2019 0.

By Marty Schladen. February 10, 2019.

Require Your PBM To Take Action on Zytiga

10 Jan, 2019 0.

If your Plan wants to decrease and control its costs, you need your PBM to take advantage of every Specialty Drug savings opportunity. Unfortunately, many - if not most -

The Unclear Benefits of Drug Price Coalitions

27 Sep, 2018 0.

By Bob Herman. September 27, 2018.

Create Rational Quantity Limits For Specialty Drugs

24 Jul, 2018 0.

Any Plan that wants to control its prescription coverage costs needs to control the "days supply" of Specialty Drugs that will be dispensed by its PBM. Your Plan can't afford

AWP: Three little letters that could affect your wallet and health

14 Jun, 2018 0.

By Darrel Rowland and Cathy Candisky, June 13, 2018

Decreasing Drug Costs – Here’s How We Achieved Them

08 Apr, 2018 0.

We're pleased to report that the National Prescription Coverage Coalition has yet again achieved striking savings for our Coalition Members. Based on year-end analyses, our Coalition Members decreased their prescription

Drug prices continue to climb despite barrage of criticism

26 Mar, 2018 0.

By Angelica LaVito. March 21, 2018.

More Drug Price Increases

19 Mar, 2018 0.

Remember when several drug manufacturers promised last year to limit their drug price increases to single digits and claimed other drug manufacturers drastically increasing their drug prices were "outliers"? If those manufacturers'

Long-Dreaded Amazon Threat to Drug Middlemen Draws Closer

30 Jan, 2018 0.

By Robert Langreth and Zachary Taylor. January 30, 2018.

Your Plan Can ​Decrease Its  Prescription Coverage Costs (But You Need To Take Action To Do So)

15 Jan, 2018 0.

We're thrilled to report yet again that the National Prescription Coverage Coalition has achieved striking savings for our Coalition Members. Based on year-end analyses, our Coalition Members decreased their prescription coverage costs by approximately 20% to

PBMs: Will the Amazon Cometh?

01 Dec, 2017 0.

By Robert Calandra. December 1, 2017.

Congress Needs the Political Courage to Defy the Drug Manufacturer Lobby

17 Nov, 2017 0.

Linda Cahn, Op-Ed Contributor. November 17, 2017.

Act Now – Block Lyrica CR Preemptively

17 Nov, 2017 0.

If your Plan wants to control its prescription coverage costs - and minimize disruption to your plan beneficiaries - your Plan needs to act preemptively to block certain drugs before

Plan Administrators: Limit Your Restasis Coverage

05 Oct, 2017 0.

If you missed the latest example of drug manufacturer abuse, you need to learn about Allergan's Restasis antics, understand your Plan's resulting costs, and take action in response. Why? Because

Plan Administrators and Fiduciaries: It’s Time To Take REBATE ACTION – File An Accounting Procedure!

10 Jul, 2017 0.

PBMs' questionable rebate conduct, every Plan administrator and fiduciary should consider filing a lawsuit against your PBM seeking an "accounting". As a Plan administrator or fiduciary, you're charged with ensuring

No Quick Cure for Express Scripts’ Ailing Shares

05 Jun, 2017 0.

by Bill Alpert. June 5, 2017.

A Drug Quintupled in Price. Now, Drug Industry Players Are Feuding Over the Windfall

01 Jun, 2017 0.

by Charles Orenstein and Katie Thomas. June 1, 2017.

Express Scripts Sues Maker of Overdose Drug, Intensifying Feud

31 May, 2017 0.

by Katie Thomas and Charles Orenstein. May 31, 2017.

Express Scripts’ Lawsuit Reveals Striking Information About PBM Rebates

31 May, 2017 0.

For years, every PBM has refused to disclose the "rebates" that it earns on a drug-by-drug basis. As a result, no one has been able to detect the "net cost"

A Drug Quintupled in Price. Now, Drug Industry Players Are Feuding Over the Windfall

31 May, 2017 0.

by Charles Orenstein and Katie Thomas. May 31, 2017.

Want To Decrease Your Rx Coverage Costs? Pay Attention to Horizon Pharma’s 1st Quarter Report

15 May, 2017 0.

Horizon Pharma - the manufacturer of three extremely expensive drugs - Vimovo, Duexis and Pennsaid – just released its Quarterly Earnings Report causing its stock to plummet. The Report should

Inside the ‘Scorpion Room’ Where Drug Price Secrets Are Guarded

04 May, 2017 0.

by Neil Weinberg and Robert Langreth. May 4, 2017.

Striking Savings Are Possible (But Your Plan Needs To Act To Obtain Them)

30 Apr, 2017 0.

We're thrilled to report that yet another Coalition Member that followed our Coalition's recommendations and took aggressive steps to control its prescription coverage costs has now achieved a 16% cost

A Secret Profit Formula Loved by Drug Middlemen Is At Risk

26 Apr, 2017 0.

by Robert Langreth and Neil Weinberg. April 26, 2017.

Spread Pricing – Marking Up Drug Claims

27 Mar, 2017 0.

As featured on The National Community Pharmacists Association (

Drug Costs Too High: Fire the Middlemen

03 Mar, 2017 0.

by Neil Weinberg and Robert Langreth. March 3, 2017.

Pull Back the Curtain on Manufacturers’ and Switch Operators’ Efforts To Undermine Your Plan’s Cost Savings Efforts

11 Jan, 2017 0.

Plan Administrators: Have you ever heard of "switch operators"? Do you have any idea what they do? Most important, do you realize that drug manufacturers are surreptitiously paying switch operators

Pharmacy Benefit Managers Could Be In Legislative Crosshairs

03 Jan, 2017 0.

by Christian Britschgi. January 3, 2017.

Don’t Be Fooled By Eli Lilly’s & Express Scripts’ New Diabetes Program

21 Dec, 2016 0.

If you've been preoccupied with Trump's latest cabinet appointments, you may have missed the news about a new program sponsored by Eli Lilly and Express Scripts. With great fanfare, the

Don’t Be Duped By Manufacturers’ Single Digit Price Increase Pledges

21 Dec, 2016 0.

Recently, Novo Nordisk's President became the second drug manufacturer to make a "Single Digit Price Increase Pledge." Replicating Allergan's vow three months ago, Novo's Jakob Riis promised that Novo would

Message from Mylan: Pay Attention to Rebates

17 Nov, 2016 0.

For more than a decade, our firm has called on every PBM to identify all rebates (and other monies) the PBM is receiving from manufacturers - as well as the

Take Action To Decrease Your Plan’s Crestor Costs

17 Nov, 2016 0.

  If you examine your Heath Plan's claims data, it's extremely likely you'll discover that Crestor is costing your Plan a small fortune. Typically, Crestor represents more than 1% of

Pay Attention to Your Metformin HCL ER Diabetes Costs

30 Oct, 2016 0.

If you examine your claims data, you'll likely discover that among your "Top 50 Most Expensive Drugs" is a line item for generic "metformin HCL ER". Metformin HCL is a

Additional Information About New Drugs’ Dangers

09 Oct, 2016 0.

We previously wrote about new drugs' dangers, and received many requests for additional information. Accordingly, we thought our readers would benefit from the following additional information reflecting why all health

Protect Your Plan Beneficiaries From New Drugs’ Dangers

06 Oct, 2016 0.

The latest FDA Black Box Warning about hepatitis C treatments demonstrates why it's imperative that your Plan implement methods for protecting your beneficiaries against the dangers of new drugs. After

Does Your Health Plan Actually Need the Large Chain Pharmacies In Your Retail Pharmacy Network? (The Short Answer is “No!”)

25 Sep, 2016 0.

Most health plans' prescription coverage programs allow plan beneficiaries to purchase drugs at virtually all retail pharmacies in the United States, regardless of the prices charged by those pharmacies. But

Pharmacy Benefit Managers Under Pressure

23 Jul, 2016 0.

by Bill Alpert. Cover Story, July 23, 2016.

Pharmacy Managers Unleash Big Data

30 Jun, 2016 0.

by Zachary Tracer. June 30, 2016.

Secret Deals May Mean Consumers Pay More For Drugs

22 Mar, 2016 0.

by Jayne O’Donnell. March 22, 2016.

Feds Call Prescription Drug Price 2014 Increase ‘Remarkable’

08 Mar, 2016 0.

by Jayne O’Donnell. March 8, 2016.

Drug Coupons Not Good For Patients Either

27 Oct, 2013 0.

as seen on Managed Care Magazine.

Painful Prescription

23 Oct, 2013 0.

by Katherine Eban. October 28, 2013.

News Roundup: December 2012

08 Dec, 2012 0.

by Adam Fein. December 18, 2012.

In Plain View: Linda Cahn Makes The Case for PBM Fee Disclosure

01 May, 2008 0.

by Molly Bernhart. Cover Story - May 2008.

Amazon is Headed for the Prescription Drug Market, Analysis Say,

06 Oct, 2007 0.

Robert Langreth and Spencer Soper. October 6, 2007.

Appeals Court Orders A Review of Medco Settlement Challenge

13 Dec, 2005 0.

By Mil Freudenheim. December 13, 2005.

U.S. Accuses Merck Unit of Cheating Health Plan

24 Jun, 2003 0.

By Milt Freudenheim. June 24, 2003.